White Water Rafting on the White Salmon River

Last November Ricky and I went to Costa Rica for his birthday. We met Kristin and Peter Rubalcava at our hotel, and quickly became friends, spending some time together on the beach, going to dinner in town, and hanging out in the common area of the hotel. We exchanged contact information and have kept in touch over the past year. They are some of the nicest people I've ever had the privilege of meeting. They heard that we were coming to Washington, and invited us to their home near Portland, Oregon and on a rafting trip with their family. People we've only met once! That's just how friendly and open-hearted they are. Of course we agreed, and had a great time visiting with them. Such a small world. Such good people in it, too.
Whatever, nobody looks good in a helmet.
I look worried... I wasn't really, I swear!

We had so much fun!
I miss the Northwest so much already!


This has nothing to do with Washington, it's just a picture I painted of Maggie.

Great Northwest Eats

A lovely dozen from The Yellow Leaf Cupcake Co. in Seattle.
At Hopworks Urban Brewery in Portland, OR. "The Northwest" pizza: Bleu cheese, pears, chipotle sauce, and tri-tip.
I knew that I wanted to eat at Serious Pie before we came back to Florida. It was our last meal in Seattle, and it did not disappoint.
Penn Cove clam pizza with pancetta and lemon thyme.
Shut up.
A delicious carnitas taco at The Stand in Seaside, Oregon. Tiny place, only takes cash... if you're ever in Seaside definitely go here. Best taco I've had in a really long time. Ricky said the same thing, and he's a New Mexican so he knows his tacos.
Voodoo Doughnut! I finally got to try my long awaited...
...maple bacon bar! It was delicious, like a sweet, salty, yummy breakfast dessert. Voodoo is great, although the tourists and less than friendly staff I didn't care for. Ah well, the doughnut was worth it.

Friday Harbor at San Juan Island.

On our second day in Washington we drove to Anacortes to take the ferry to San Juan Island. We did some sea kayaking, with no Orca luck. Ricky was a little sad that we didn't get to see the whales, but there will be plenty of opportunity the next time we're up that way.
In front of Cattle Point Lighthouse.
Cattle Point Road.
On the ferry.
The ferry trip over. So beautiful, and it's nice going to San Juan because you get to see all the islands on the way. This was just past Lopez, I think.
A table with a view, at Downriggers.
Cattle Point again.

The lavender farm on the island. It smelled amazing!
A black-phase red fox. Didn't know that they went through a "black phase?"
Me neither.
Thank you Washington for taking my breath away.

snapshots from Seattle, Ocean Shores, and Seaside, Oregon.

old friends ♥

Gracie and I. I've missed this girl, she was one of my very first and very best friends in Granite Falls. I think we were trying to look pretty?
That's better.
TJ, also trying to look pretty, haha.
Me and my friend Nathan. It was really nice to see him and TJ, and to meet Nathan's great girlfriend Laura.
Gracie's dog Vincent. When I met her, he was a tiny puppy. How the time flies.
Especially in dog years.