Let's take a look at that Virginia.

Soo... guess what. I'm in Virginia now.

Ricky got here about two weeks ago, and then Liam and I drove up a week ago.
15 hours, non-stop, through the night, with a 1 year old.
Fuck me I'm an idiot.
It went rather well, he slept nearly the whole time and I only had to stop and nap at one rest stop.
The welcome center rest stop in North Carolina is CRAWLING with black and white cats, by the way. What the wha?

I almost took one. But they were gross. 
I love our new home and our new town. Old Towne Portsmouth is super cool, lots of beautiful architecture and interesting history, and there's a fabulous interactive children's museum for Liam.
I'm sure other children are allowed in as well.
Downtown Norfolk is about 5 miles away and it reminds me an awful lot of Seattle, which is awesome.
The yard has a beautiful wisteria-covered pergola in the back that will perfect for some outdoor yoga.
The water is right down the street, and I really enjoy walking the dogs at sunset down there. Pretty pretty.

I'll post pictures soon. I'm on R's tiny mutant laptop thing and it's about goddamn near impossible to do on here.