Aw Snap

I totally haven't blogged in like, a year.
Things are awesome, see Powell Sprout for more on family life!

First and foremost, we're leaving Florida! 
Ricky is leaving the Air Force and joining the Coast Guard as an officer. Come November we'll be living in Virginia or Washington DC.
Hey, it's not the west coast, but it isn't Florida. I'll take it.

Things here are swell. I left St. Francis back in October, our nanny moved away (we miss you Kelly!) and Liam started daycare at a center next to Starbucks, so I went back to the Bucks to make the daycare thing/drive/seeing him on my breaks thing easier. It's working out so far.
I had forgotten how much I genuinely enjoy making coffee. How sad!
I'm still cooking lots of awesome things!
 baked ziti with chicken and fontina!
 black bean and quinoa burgers on brioche buns!
 sriracha chicken!
(mix together sriracha, honey, and melted butter. brush on chicken. die happy)
 fish tacos, mexican pot beans, and strawberry frozen margaritas!
 red beans and brown rice with ground turkey!
 braised chicken thighs on chantarelle mushroom and sweet pea risotto
Whole wheat penne tossed with olive oil, fresh tomato, fresh spinach, garlic, and feta!
-this is literally all i can think to post right now because it's late and i'm an old lady. more tomorrow with some sweet recipes too!-

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