Colored Denim

 So I'm totally in love with these awesome pants from Loft.
I'm also in love with the fact that I'm down to my pre-baby pants size.
Shouldn't everyone have a pair of chartreuse pants?
I think so.
Today I went to the mall, picked up some stuff for dinner, and might take Yams to the zoo here in a bit if it cools down a little.
For dinner I'm making spicy ground turkey salad in lettuce wraps.
I went back to work on the 2nd of July, and so far I feel okay. I wasn't sure how I'd do with being away from Yams, but it's working out. We have a great nanny, and I work so close to home. I'm also off Friday, Saturday, and Sunday which is great. It's nice to have 3 days in a row at home.
I have yet to become one of those hurried working moms with the messy hair, sweats on the weekends,  and the never-clean house that I was so afraid of becoming. We'll see how it goes.

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