Chicken. And brownies. And an almond tart. Guess which one I liked better?

 The tart. Duh. It's like marzipan in tart form. With cherry jam, which can never be a bad thing.
When Liam is taking naps I'm really trying to make time for cooking and baking. That sounds weird, but I love it, and it helps me relax. I've been able to keep up with making dinners, and I'm really thankful for that. I know it's hard to believe to some people, but my favorite part of my day has always been cooking. Now my favorite part of my day is whenever I'm holding, feeding, or just staring at my new son, but I really wanted to keep food/cooking in my life. I'm so happy that I've been able to so far, granted it's only been 2 weeks.

 These are the brownies I made my for my and Liam's nurses the day we got home. I think they're adorable. They smelled fabulous! I love brownies with nuts, but if you're allergic or just don't like them, lavender brownies are just as tasty without them.
The aforementioned marzipan in tart form experience. Italian almond tart. It looks fancy and complicated, but honestly the hardest part was finding almond paste and the grocery stores around here. I was finally able to find the canned kind (way better for baking that the stuff in the tube) at a Publix in Mary Esther. The recipe is here at Ever So Sweet.
Chicken! I was wanting something with lots of vegetables. I cut and pounded the chicken breasts into paillards, then browned them in olive oil. Once they were pretty and golden, I removed them and kept them warm. To the same pan I added chopped tomato, garlic, white onion, an anchovy filet, and green olives. I threw in some parsley at the end when I put the chicken back in. 
Served with rice and green beans. Quick, easy, delicious, and good lookin'.
My kind of dinner.

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